Welcome to my commission card
I'm a motion graphic artist and Graphic Designer from indonesia mostly focusing on creating music videos.

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  • Simple effects / particle / wave / text animation

  • Working time 5-7 days

  • Resolution Full HD (1920*1080)

$180 - 250

  • Camera movement, multiple scenes, text animation, and some effects that fit this category

  • You will get character animation

  • Working time 2 weeks +

  • Resolution Full HD up to 2K

$250 +

  • Various scenes, complex lyrics animation, complex effect, camera movement etc

  • You will get character animation

  • Working time 2 weeks +

  • Resolution Full HD (1920*1080)


  • From scene effects to text animation I will make according to the storyboard that has been made

  • You will get Character animation

  • Working time 1 month +

  • Resolution Full HD up to 4K

$150 +

Debut announcement/trailer/teaser

$200 +

  • DO NOT claim my works as your own works.

  • Not first come first serve basis comms will be taken/open per month and i will give estimate when i will start and finish the work.

  • Please contact me for COMMERCIAL USE.

  • Please CREDIT me properly. I will charge more if you prefer to keep the editor ANONYMOUS.

  • Price may CHANGES.

  • For COMPANY or AGENCY I will be charged 2x more.

  • Please provide me all the assets before I start working (mix, illustration, logo, branding or whatever the case may be).

  • If you have specific STYLE, COLORS, or DESIGN you want, please do tell me.

  • I have CREATIVE FREEDOM on what i work on (with exception MV lookalikes or specific concept like original MV).

  • FOR VIDEO COMMISSION: I will update when i’m unsure about some parts that i worked on, otherwise i will be working on the video until some parts are done before i showcase the sample vid. I will showcase LQ video when i am done and give the HQ after the payment.

  • FOR VIDEO COMMISSION: I do accept rush fee commissions, but... while its absolutely possible for me to not sleep, please keep in mind that ideas still need time to be developed, so please only order a rush commission when you already have clear vision on how you want the video to be.

  • REVISION: If you change the concept or you want to replace your assets when the progress is more than 50%, there will be an additional fee.